Collection Development

Department of Data Resource is in charge of collection development in the National Science Library, Chinese Academy of Science (NSLC). While guaranteeing the quality of traditional basic functions, in order to improve the documental collection development model in a digital context, we’ve gathered the resources and working forces within NSLC by setting up the ‘NSLC collection development task force’ and enforcing cooperation among main library and its branches. With innovation in the organizational structure and technology, as well as the optimization of resource distribution within the NSLC library system, we’ve managed to achieve large progress in the ability to provide documental resource to the whole institution.

With years of effort, CAS has built up an institutional documental resource and information system mainly consisted of digital resources, formed an integrated and united service system for the whole institution, and effectively improved documental resource and information service for CAS. Based on the user-centered principle, we’ve been emphasizing providing service to every departmental institute of CAS, and built a basic model around digital resource and e-first mode with a system combining contribution from and support to both CAS and the departmental institutes. By playing an active role in the construction of the nationwide platform and gaining more budgetary support, CAS has completed transforming from a print-based departmental purchase model to a digital-based online documental collection development and group purchase model planned on the institutional level.