National Science Library, Chinese Academy of Sciences keeps track of frontiers of Library and Information and actively participates in national strategic and key technology research. Organizes international academic seminars and takes part in international joint research projects. Leads the development of national Library and Information and enhances the international status and influence of national intelligence agencies.

The academic publications of the National Science Library of Chinese Academy of Sciences are aimed to serve the Knowledge Innovation Programs, to serve the whole academy and the scholarly publications of the whole nation, as well as to serve the national independent drive for innovation in the fields of Science and Technology. By way of publishing scientific and technological journals and by engaging in the strategic studies of their future development, we are dedicated to produce a series of elite journals in the fields of Science and Technology, to foster an editing team of top professionals, and to make ourselves a strategic base for the development of learned journals in the fields of Science and Technology.

Journals published in Beijing Center
      Library and Information Service
      New Technology of Library and Information Service
      Chinese Journal of Scientific and Technical Periodicals
      Progress in Chemistry
      China Biotechnology
      Science Focus 
      High-Technology & Industrialization
      Think Tank: Theory & Practice
      Journal of Data and Information Science
      Knowledge Management Forum

Journals published in Chengdu Branch Library
      Natural Product Research & Development 
      World Sci-Tech R & D

Journal published in Wuhan Branch Library 
      Resources & Environment in the Yangtze Basin