The National Science Library, Chinese Academy of Sciences (NSLC) is a state-level agency of technological documentation and information which supports technological self-innovation, services of national innovation system, the promotion of the spread of science and culture. It provides technological information service, research of library and information science, library and information science degree education, etc. It organizes, manages and coordinates with the services of documentation and information of CAS. It is in charge of constructing the scientific document resources support system and managing the service of public document information in CAS. It has two second-level documentation and information agencies, which are Chengdu Branch Library (formerly Chengdu Library and Information Center of CAS) and Wuhan Branch Library (formerly Wuhan Library of CAS) . These two agencies are in charge of strategic information research and scientific information service in related fields. They coordinate and organize scientific information services in respective areas. 
Since 1979, NSLC has enrolled postgraduate students in library science and information science. It is the first non-university research institution in China to offer postgraduate education. In 1986, both the library science and information science majors obtained the right to grant master's degrees. In 1993, we obtained the right to confer doctoral degrees in library science. In 1996, we jointly obtained the right to grant doctoral degree in information science with Nanjing University. In 2003, we independently obtained the right to grant doctoral degree in information science. In the year of 2011, we obtained the right to confer doctoral degree in the first-level disciplines of library, information and archives management. We have a postgraduate training system for doctoral and master's degrees. It is the only training unit that integrates with scientific research, subject education and innovative practice in the field of library, information and archives management at the doctoral level in China. A post-doctoral research mobile station was established in 2012. 
In 2017, under the overall planning of University of Chinese Academy of Sciences (UCAS), the Department of Library, Information and Archives Management was established in the School of Economics and Management, with the establishment of the “Education and Research Department of Library, Information and Archives Management” and “the General Education and Research Department of Information Literacy Education”. Aiming for the international first-class subject construction and professional education, the whole department starts from a high starting point, runs schools at a high level. Not only implementing the policy of "integration of science and education", integrating the scientific research force and educational resources of NSLC, making full use of the teaching resources of CAS, UCAS and other units, but also improving the conditions of running schools, strengthening the construction of teaching staff, attaching importance to the standardized management of education, NSLC explores new types of education and teaching models and teaching methods, and improves the quality of education and teaching in an all-round way, and finally becomes a teaching institution which possesses its own characteristics, ranks at the forefront in China and has considerable influence in the world. 
NSLC has a strong faculty team. All of the doctoral tutors and master’s tutors have good business practices, scientific research and teaching experience. The characteristic of postgraduate education is the closely integration of theory and practice. NSLC provides the postgraduate assistant system for postgraduate students to participate in research, and sets up a special post-graduate teaching area, classrooms and a computer learning room. A variety of facilities and resources in the library are open to postgraduate students free of charge. It provides rich collections of library and information science, and has the most foreign language prints and online professional literature in China. To encourage the study and research of postgraduate, NSLC sets up a variety of scholarships. The graduates often go to work in scientific institutions, universities, colleges, libraries and IT companies. The employment rate is 100% every year. 
The application time is set up by UCAS. NSLC has once a year admission (fall).Welcome those who are interested in the field of library and information science to apply for our master’s and doctoral programs!
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