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As a user centered service, Subject Information Service in NSL is based on subject librarian’s service, with the support of National Science Technology Library (NSTL) and Chinese National Science Digital Library (CSDL). Fully considering the change of information environments and needs of CAS users, the service support independent innovation research with subject, knowledge and personalized services under the principle of “be available at the first line and embed into the process”. All subject librarians put their services and innovations into the institutes, accordingly, they must be responsible for the institute and accept evaluation from institutes. Diversiform, extensive, convenient and prompt information services are provided for the institutes, research groups, labs, individuals or users’ virtual spaces.
There are three aims for NSL’s subject information services. Firstly, establish the channels between resources as well as services and users. Subject librarians introduce and recommend all kinds of useful resources, service systems and information tools to meet scientific demands. Secondly, develop digital reference work and information literacy education to promote scientists’ ability of information searching, accessing and using. Thirdly, develop subject competency information research, analyze subject trends, and find subject research hotspots. In addition provide knowledge services for VIP users and key research groups according to needs of research projects or scientists.
The base of the subject information services is general service for all users. Subject librarians make every effort to short the distance between library and users by going deep into the first line and making the connection with scientific users. In addition, a set of quick and smooth feedback system has been developed, with which subject librarians can learn information and demands of users anytime and anywhere. Accordingly, the difficulties from users are learned and forwarded to related departments. At the same time, suggested solution are made and supervised. Additionally, propagations and trainings of library using, information resources, information services and information tools are taken via different forms. Elective curriculum of web information searching is set up in University of CAS to increase users’ information literacy. In order to answer users’ question anytime and anywhere, the reference service system is established via phone, email, web and personal interview and other instant message forms. A real-time reference service is carried out by 4 hours per work day. In order to construct first rate and personalized information environments, optimize information resource and service system, Institute Repository (IR) systems are developed by means of information portal of institute or research group.
Based on the general service, subject librarians take advantage of their subject advantages to provide institute or research group with subject information services under the support of other departments of NSL. By Featured Branch Library and other forms, subject librarians support scientists’ demands for knowledge services as well as seeking for subject fronts, research hotspots, development trends and competencies. Subject librarians will organically embed into users’ research progress and become cooperation partner and eventually, one part of scientific research. By subject information services, subject librarians make whole process tracking for national great key projects, play an important role in supporting the institute strategy research and great key research projects, and promote the optimization of strategy layout of CAS’s institutes as well as the increasing of science and technology productivity.

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