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Information Services

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Literature reading services

   Combining on-line services and on-site services, National Science Library of CAS expanded the form of literature information service actively. The library services insist on 365 days a year, 12 hours a day opening. By making "searching, reading, borrowing and collection a coordinated process,the library provides an integrated service environment and  implement the responsibility on the first-inquired system. There are also many kinds of user training, such as “an hour on-site reader training”, “special group training”, “new graduate student training” and so on. A series of user training system was established. Literature reading services.

Document Delivery and Inter-library Loan

   Relying on the wealth of literature within and outside the CAS, plus efficient collaborative networks of libraries at home and abroad, the NSLC provide convenient and efficient full-text documents remotely query, access and delivery services.

  The Document Delivery system provide querying, accessing and deliver services for users with various types of literature from libraries within and outside CAS, libraries at home and abroad. As one of the core service sites of NSTL, the system provide domestic and foreign users with full-text documents delivery from nine member libraries of NSTL , which respectively on behalf of science, engineering, medicine, agriculture, chemical, mechanical, standard.

   The function of the ILL system is borrowing books from NSLC, Tsinghua University LibraryPeking University Library and others for users of Chinese Academy of Sciences.

Sci-tech Novelty Retrieval Center

   Sci-tech novelty retrieval service is to help researchers through a literature survey to avoid repetition of scientific research and to help academic experts to objectively and correctly evaluate novelty of scientific achievements, and is carried out by the institutions with corresponding qualifications.

Sci-tech novelty retrieval service, as a fee-based service, is provided according to Sci-tech information provided by client, following Sci-tech novelty retrieval criteria.

  The National Science Library, Chinese Academy of Sciences (NSLC) was authorized as the national level Sci-tech novelty retrieval institution in 1994. It’s an integrated institution providing services to scientific researches from Chinese Academy of Sciences and to those from other institutions throughout the country as well. We can undertake all levels Sci-tech novelty retrieval tasks from nation, province, ministry, city and region, including project approval and initiation, scientific achievements evaluation and awards applying and new products developing or applying.

   We have rich science and technology databases, including 120 databases of full text, abstract, numerical data, more than 9000 e-journal and databases of theses, dissertations, e-book, conference proceeding etc, especially having International Online Systems--DIALOG and STN.

  Except above described Sci-tech novelty retrieval service, we also provide information retrieval, information analysis and Sci-tech papers estimation services.

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