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Scientific and Cultural Communication


  Scientific and cultural communication is one of the most important social functions of National Science Library of Chinese Academy Sciences. As the group established in 2003, we are always concentrating on organizing various forms of activities in order to spread scientific knowledge and promote scientific spirit, such as international academic conferences, science lectures, science popularization exhibitions, book exhibitions, and scientific and cultural exchanges, etc.

  In recent years, we were positive to organize communication activities, based on attractive issues and topics that are of concern, making good use of resources and taking advantage of physical space effectively. At present, there are many kinds of communication activities, such as What Scientists Say, science popularization, and annual exhibition of science and technology innovation. The number of activities is more than 100 each year.


  The activity of What Scientists Say


  Science popularization exhibition


  Book exhibition


     With the development of digitization and cyberization, especially the digital era of education and science popularization is coming, the website of Scientific and Cultural Communication has been set up to integrate resources and show more information to the public. More information please see:


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