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Knowledge Commons


Knowledge Commons (KC) is located on the 3rd floor of NSLC, which is a combination of information commons and learning commons. It is open to the general public, providing newspaper reading, books borrowing, database searching, software using, and course training, etc.

Opening Time: enjoy your reading time every day:8:30-21:00 (from May to September) 9:00-21:00 (from October to April next year).

Web services and innovative space:

There are 15 computers, equipped with common software. Users can access more than 190 databases and download documents. There are also 2 innovative devices that users can practice special software and tools with ID card.

Science and humanities reading area:

Over 10,000 items of science and humanities books are selected, covering philosophy, history, biographies, management, politics, military affairs, psychology, computer science, etc. Readers are encouraged to achieve a sound personality by a comprehensive self-study with these selections. Do not forget to bring your ID card for book borrowing. The loan can be borrowed for 30 days and renewed two times.

Readers can find over 170 Chinese magazines and 18 newspapers for free reading within in KC.

Training and activities:

For scientific researcher, students and the general public users, we periodically provide opportunities of training and lectures, such as searching literature, using software and databases, matching up illustrations with articles, selecting books by graduates, reading salon, film time, etc. More information please follow the website and our official WeChat “中科知汇”.

Space Services:

Reading area is comfortable and quiet and readers will be relaxed in this open space.

Self-study area has more than 120 seats. Users can bring laptops or notebooks into 3A/3C space.

Group study and Training room: 3B has a public room with electronic equipments for group study or training, which allows 20 people to communicate and discuss. It is also allowed to be booked for playing video. Booking should be 3 days in advance. The room can be available on Monday-Friday 8:30-17:00 (from May to September) or 9:00-17:00 (from October to April next year). Booking line: 010-82623353, 010-82626611-6310.

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