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   The National Science Library (NSL) of Chinese Academy of Science, also the library of Graduate University of Chinese Academy of Science (GUCAS), has two important functions—assisting both scientific research and teaching. In 2006, NSL founded the Information Common Room for Graduate Students on students’ use demanding of the library. IC introduced new one-station service conception, and re-organized and re-integrated the former physical space, services and resources in IC mode—information share centre. IC now provides many kinds of service for the students of GUCAS that are diversified and virtual-entitative integrated. Present face-to-face services includes: 1) More than 10000 books on humanistic and social science etc reading and borrowing2) About 220 magazines reading; 324 newspapers reading; 4) surfing the internet, searching databases, through-content reading 5) reference and consultation; 6)training for information searches, information use and software use.

   Besides, IC holds many other activities regularly and occasionally, such as “Experiencing the High Definition Multimedia Interface”, “reading competition”, “users’ satisfaction survey”, “movie week” and so on.

   Virtual services are based on the E-library of of GUCAS on purpose that the students of GUCAS can integrate the services into their study and daily life naturally and organically through this platform they are familiar with and interested in.

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