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Launched in July, 2010, Learning Commons (LC) in the National Science Library (NSL) of Chinese Academy of Sciences is an important reform of physical space innovation in our library. Parallel with Information Commons (IC), another space in NSL, the main users of LC are from Chinese Academy of Sciences, and most of users are graduate students. Nineteen computers with high speed internet and comfortable sofas are provided in this space; users can communicate and discuss research issues. Two training rooms are designed for some activities, there are 40 seats in the big room, and some trainings, lectures and courses are held in this room. A mutual electrical white broad and 8-10 seats are in the small room; this room can be used by some research groups for small seminar and workshop.

   A course, information literacy, held by the graduate university of CAS, was taught every semester in LC, and about 200 students choose to study this course in the library. In addition, we arrange two or three lectures every month in this space, and most lectures are shared by our three branch libraries through the format of simultaneous video. Besides, we also arrange scientific movies every month for graduate students. We hope these activities can satisfy our users.
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