GoOA's 2022 Annual OA Journal Ranking Report was Released

01 05, 2023

In December 2022, GoOA released the 2022 OA Journal Ranking Report, which used the latest 3,660 journals included by GoOA as data sources to display the evaluation results of the 2022 annual global high-quality OA journals in the STM field, as well as the list of TOP open access journals in 18 STM disciplines. At this point, seven editions of the annual OA ranking report have been released. (The annual ranking report is available on the GoOA website at

GoOA ( is a global high-quality open paper center supported by the Chinese Academy of Sciences(CAS) and built and operated by the National Science Library, Chinese Academy of Sciences(NSLC). Since 2014, GoOA has been focused on recommending high-quality OA scientific journals and collected high-quality OA journal papers from all over the world, providing high-quality paper content services for researchers.Supervise the standardization and benign development of OA periodicals.

GoOA has established strict criteria for the selection and inclusion of journals, and conducts qualification review on journals every year. In 2022, only about 20% of high-quality OA journals will be selected and included from nearly 20,000 OA journals worldwide. In addition, all the papers in the journals are localized integration, high-fine-grained organization, and knowledge discovery services and knowledge analysis services are provided. Based on the journal evaluation system combining quantification and expert review, the included journals are evaluated, submitted and recommended.

GoOA has received continuous attention from libraries, OA journal researchers, media, publishing houses and authors, and has also become an important tool recognized by many institutions to identify excellent OA journals. As GoOA's influence and cooperation continue to expand, by the end of 2022, a total of 25 publishing houses have signed paper data cooperation agreements with GoOA, covering major well-known publishers around the world. Fifty-five research institutes, 119 universities, and seven public libraries list GoOA as a recommended database.