The Popularization of Science Lecture "Dialogue Between Chinese and Western Stars -- Stories in Star Maps" was successfully held

11 12, 2022

On the morning of November 12, 2022, the popular science lecture "The Dialogue between Chinese and Western Stars -- Stories in the Star Map", a series of activities of "Zhihui Zhiyuan Fine Book Fair", was simultaneously broadcast on the video number of Zhongke Zhihui and the channel of the Association of Science and Technology.Li Liang, Professor of the Institute for the History of Natural Science, Chinese Academy of Sciences, is invited to make the lecture. The platform has been viewed by 23,000 people.

Starting from the stars in ancient Chinese poetry, Mr. Li shared the origin of Du Fu's "life does not meet each other, but moves like participating merchants", analyzed the origin of the "Capricorn fish" in "Ode to the Goddess of Luo", traced the development of Eastern and Western astronomy, detailed the contributions of various generations of astronomers, and reviewed how human beings went from looking at the starry sky to space step by step with vivid and brilliant star maps. It describes how the East and the West have exchanges and dialogues around the same starry sky, and explains the role that "looking up at the starry sky" has played in promoting scientific progress and civilization development for thousands of years. The lecture also introduced the Guo Shoujing Telescope, the China Celestial Eye and the Gaia satellite, leading the audience to look forward to the future of mankind in the sea of stars and the exploration of the boundless universe.

The lecture attracted the active participation of astronomy enthusiasts with its featured topic selection, rich content and vivid interpretation. The live broadcast atmosphere was warm. After the lecture, the audience had a wonderful interaction with Mr. Li on the Northern Hemisphere star chart of the whole day, the role of ancient star chart, constellation naming and other questions.