The 3rd Peer Review Symposium for Academic Exchange was Successfully Held

09 25, 2022

Peer Review Week is an annual global online event that brings individuals, institutions, and organizations together to promote the role of Peer Review in quality control in academic communication through online seminars, interviews, and social media. The theme of the 2022 International Peer Review Week is Research Integrity: Creating and Supporting Trust in Research. 

Focus on the theme of this year's event, National Science Library,Chinese Academy of Sciences(NSLC) jointly hosted the Third Peer-Review Symposium for Academic Exchanges on September 24, 2022 with a number of publishing service related institutions. 

The conference was organized by a combination of online and offline methods. Scientific research management personnel, have been invited to the researchers, who review, editors, publishers, librarians and other representatives of relevant experts, the common discussion in the peer-reviewed research integrity issues, including research integrity management, the paper factory, withdraw manuscript, preprints, focus issues, such as education and training, so as to promote peer review towards a more equitable, inclusive and diverse direction development, Foster a healthy and trusting ecological environment for academic exchanges. 

The theme of the conference covers the progress of scientific research integrity and peer review practices at home and abroad; Peer review focus topic discussion (pre-print, retraction, paper factory, training education, etc.); Innovative practice of peer review for international publishers.