Zhongke Zhihui Scientific Research Writing Training Camp - Drug Research Special Activity was Successfully Held

07 05, 2022
In order to meet the needs of young researchers in the field of pharmaceutical research on the output and dissemination of scientific research results, from June 20 to July 4, 2022, the Literature Service Department of the National Science of Library, Chinese Academy of Sicences(NSLC) and the Literature and Information Center of the Shanghai Institute of Materia Medica, Chinese Academy of Sciences jointly held the Zhongke Zhihui Scientific Research Writing Training Camp -- Special Session for Pharmaceutical Research. More than 420 postgraduates, doctoral students and young researchers from Shanghai Institute of Materia Medica, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Hangzhou Institute for Advanced Research, Zhongshan Institute of Pharmaceutical Innovation and other institutions signed up for this activity, and the response was warm.

The course content of this training camp is divided into five sections: writing preparation and process, journal selection and submission, peer review, achievement dissemination, scientific research integrity, etc. The CAS Scientific research information literacy lecture hall, Zhongke Zhihui public account Digital Academic micro-page and other related resources are shared for the students. The course content was highly recognized, with topics on paper structure, database use and research tools proving popular.

During the registration and study of the training camp, the students put forward more than 400 questions that are easy to meet in the process of writing papers, submitting papers to selected journals, reviewing papers and writing patent applications. After classification, aggregation and overall design, the training camp specifically invited experts, scholars and journal editors from American Chemical Society (ACS), Royal Chemical Society (RSC), Elsevier and Guangzhou Zhongxin Intellectual Property Service Co., LTD to participate in online lectures and Q&A exchange. This training camp held six live lectures, mainly for training camp students, but also to promote the scientific research personnel in related fields, a total of 15,000 people watched.

During the 15 days of study and practice, students actively participated in the communication and feedback through daily clocking, course comments or messages. Librarians timely communicate with students by browsing, liking and commenting on the contents of the punch card, providing guides for the use of resources and tools, and establishing a bridge of communication between students and teachers. At the end of the training camp, ten outstanding students will be selected according to the comprehensive evaluation of the students' course viewing and punching in.

This training camp activities using independent course learning, live interactive and real-time communication with students, emphasis on the input and output in the learning process, cooperate with students to promote the scientific research, real-time tracking learning situation and problems, provides students with adaptive multiple platforms and various types of courses, to ensure the smooth multi-channel interaction and the recognised by the height of the teachers and students, It has improved the initial researchers' understanding of the output process of scientific research results, and established a good academic exchange platform between them and libraries and field journals.