Informationization Construction for Document Management and Service was Successfully Held

08 02, 2022
On July 28, 2022, the ninth lecture of the high-end lecture series of library business knowledge and professional ability, "Informationization Construction for Document Management and Service", organized by National Sciences of Library, Chinese Academy of Sciences(NSLC) , was successfully held. Mr. Yang Xinya, director of Chongqing University Library, was specially invited to give a lecture.

Mr. Yang Xinya sorts out and reviews the different stages of library development and the course of library information construction, and then puts forward the main problems faced by library information construction. Then, Ms. Yang emphasized and put forward the idea of information infrastructure construction, and pointed out that we should pay attention to the knowledge base as the core data infrastructure construction, to realize the joint construction and sharing of resources. 

Starting from library informatization, this lecture discusses the types and management modes of library document resources under the new environment, pays attention to the experience needs of online and offline readers, and provides beneficial guidance for library informatization construction and professional services.