Data Intelligence is included in INSPEC, a world famous science and technology abstract database

07 16, 2021

According to the evaluation of INSPEC database experts, the English science and technology journal Data Intelligence sponsored by National Science Library, Chinese Academy of Sciences(NSLC) has been officially included by INSPEC database, a world-renowned science and technology journal database. This is a major breakthrough since Data Intelligence was founded in 2019, marking that the academic level of the journal has been recognized by the international academic community.

Data Intelligence was launched in March 2019 by the Document Intelligence Center and published by MIT Press. The chief editors are Jim Hendler, professor of Renlerse Institute of Technology, Liu Huizhou, researcher of NSLC, Ding Ying, professor of University of Texas at Austin, and Qi Guilin, professor of Southeast University, and Zhao Yan, researcher of National Science Library of CAS. Data Intelligence publishes cutting-edge research and best practices related to the field of Data Intelligence, focusing on data resources, data platforms, data storage centers, data systems and other infrastructure generated in the process of Data Intelligence and serving the research and practice of Data Intelligence.

Being included in INSPEC database marks that the development of Data Intelligence has stepped into a new stage. The editorial department would like to thank the organizers and publishers for their support, as well as the chief editors, editorial boards, review experts, authors and the vast number of experts and scholars for their contributions. We will take this opportunity to continue our efforts and strive to build Data Intelligence into a high-level academic journal with international influence as soon as possible.