ChinaXiv, a platform for pre-publishing scientific papers of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, was held in Beijing

03 31, 2022

On March 31, 2022, the ChinaXiv Cooperation Promotion Conference was held in Beijing, where ChinaXiv discussed cooperation with more than 50 research institutions for common development.
ChinaXiv organized the conference in order to support Chinese scientific communities in building academic exchange systems for preprint in their respective fields, and to discuss the modes and methods of jointly building communication platforms for preprint in their fields. The conference will be held online and offline.

Introduced the specific situation of invitation for cooperation and construction of ChinaXiv preprint exchange system in specific fields. Reported the successful case of building ChinaXiv preprint platform and the thoughts on the construction of the preprint platform in the field of picture and information files.

The ChinaXiv project team stated that it would conscientiously summarize and absorb the exchange results, further clarify the co-construction mode of the preprint exchange system in specific fields, work together with Chinese scientific research groups, and make due contributions to the construction of China's new open academic exchange system and the implementation of the strategy of national high-end exchange platform for scientific research papers and scientific information.