Journal of Data and Information Science(quarterly)

01 12, 2022



The Journal of Data and Information Science (JDIS), sponsored by the Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS), is published quarterly by the National Science Library of CAS. Launched in 2016, JDIS is the first internationally published English-language academic journal in library and information Science and related fields from China.JDIS devotes itself to the study and application of the theories, methods, techniques, services, and infrastructural facilities using big data to support knowledge discovery for decision and policy making. The basic emphasis is research that focuses on big data, analytics, knowledge-discovery, and supports decision making. Special attention is given to knowledge discovery to detect and predict structures, trends, behaviors, relations, evolutions, and disruptions in scientific research. This includes issues of innovation, business, politics, security, media and communications, and social development. The big data topics may include metadata or full content data, text or non-textural data, structured or non-structured data, domain specific or cross-domain data, and dynamic or interactive data.