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Information Analysis and Knowledge Product Center


Tobe the most professional and academic provider of information services and product development for policymaking, scientific research, industry development, etc.
1. To Produceinformation reports and other knowledge service products for the information requirements on trendof discipline development, technology R&D activities, industrial trends, S&T competitiveness, and regional development;
2. To provide services for S&Tnovelty retrieval, citation searching, intellectual property service, and S&T program evaluation;
3. To construct data and service platforms for the needs of information analysis and knowledge product development and management.
Meanwhile,the center also supports the operation of the Intellectual Property Information Service Center, CAS and S&TNovelty Retrieval &Citation Searching Center.
The center now has more than 40 staff who are in diversified positions includingInformation chief experts, consultants, and analysts.

Director: Wang, Xuezhao
Deputies: Han, Tao; Liu, Yanli

The Organization Structure of the Center

The Organization Structure of the Center

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