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Introduction to IT & Knowledge Computing Center

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IT & Knowledge Computing Center of National Science Library of CAS to undertake the task of constructing the information of NSLC. Based on the scientific & technological resources, open source information, text mining and knowledge computation is the important direction of ITKCC, the development of the new mobile knowledge service based on the "SciThink" leads to the transformation of intelligence service, established the National Center for long-term preservation of digital resources, built larger knowledge organization system of science and technology infrastructure services (STKOS), provide quality service on huge data accurate retrieval, knowledge extraction and knowledge relationship analysis. 
Oriented new-type knowledge service system and information service requirements, ITKCC make full use of emerging information technology such as big data calculation and machine learning, implement information analysis and intelligent knowledge service based on big data, such as information big data platform of ecological construction, data integration and related processing, data management, data mining and analysis calculation service. data platform and information product research and development, a new type of cloud based on big data computing & intelligent document information knowledge service, long-term preservation of digital resources and management, network operations of cloud services, etc. 
There are 35 employees, including 5 PhDS and 17 Masters, ITKCC set up 7 teams: Information system research and development team, Information platform maintenance team, Data team, IT operation team, long-term preservation team and NSTL data center.
Important service products : (1)"SciThink" knowledge service platform, (2)Automatically monitors cloud platform for Network technology information, (3)Data processing and knowledge computing platform, (4) system construction and planning consultation on digital resources long-term preservation,(5) Network and cloud services platform construction and operation, (6) ChinaXiv platform, (7) NSTL metadata registry service system, (8) academic knowledge map service systerm, (9) Resource integration discovery system.

Director: Qian Li
Deputy director: Xie Jing

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