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Natural Product Research and Development (Bimonthly)


Journal of Natural Product Research and Development (NPRD) is a monthly-published academic journal, officially approved by The State Science and Technology Commission as well as State Administration of Press, Publication, Radio, Film and Television of The People’s Republic of China. It is the earliest journal that publishes papers regarding natural products researches in China, and is co-operated by Chengdu Library and Information Center, Chinese Academy of Sciences and Chengdu Di’ao Pharmaceutical Company, State Research Center for Natural Medicine.

NPRD publishes the latest progress on natural product research and newly development for the application of natural products, in order to improve academic communication at home and abroad, enhance the progress of research, development and manufacture, transmit strategic, prospective and innovative scientific findings and finally promote the development of science and economy of our country.

Toward the frontier research of life sciences, NPRD divided into different columns, including: “Original research”, “Brief report”, “Development research”, “Review”, etc. It mainly publishes isolation and purification of bio-active natural product as well as other innovative finding regarding the research and development of medicinal plants and animals, especially the bio-activity, action mechanism, new extraction/isolation methods, rapid purification methods for complex matrices, structural modification, bio-synthesis/bioconversion, new synthetic method, structure-activity relationship, new approach for activity evaluation and comprehensive utilization of natural product, which covers areas of natural medicinal chemistry, bio-chemistry, pharmacy and molecular biology.

Since the first issue of NPRD published in 1989, it has been indexed into the following databases: Chemical Abstracts (CA), EBSCO, Chinese Biological Abstract, Chinese Pharmacy Abstract, Chinese Chemistry and Chemical Database, Chinese Agricultural and Forestry Database, CABI, NPU, Chinese core journals of Science and Technology, Chinese core journals (Peking university), CSCD, CAJCED, ECCSE, etc.




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