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E-Government (Monthly)


E-Government, a unique monthly academic journal in China on e-government affairs, was first issued in 2004. It was established with the aim to explore the theories and practices of social administration and public service in the internet age. It is currently the source journal for the extended edition of the Chinese Social Sciences Citation Index (CSSCI) and for the Evaluation Report of Chinese Humanities and Social Sciences Journals (AMI).

E-Government regularly features special columns such as “Special Report”, “Internet Governance” and “International Report”. Among these, each “Special Report” focuses on a hot topic, accompanied with a set of articles analyzing each aspect of this topic. Recent topics included public service via the internet, public opinions on the internet, eco-construction in cyberspace, network security and individual privacy protection, government data application and research, open government data, government social media development, smart city development and so on. The special column on “Internet Governance” focused on theoretical and empirical research in social management in the internet age. “International Report” had its emphasis on introducing the most recent development in international electronic government service.

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