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Chinese Journal of Scientific and Technical Periodicals




Chinese Journal of Scientific and Technical Periodicals is directed by Chinese Academy of Sciences, sponsored by Society of Scientific and Technological Periodicals of Chinese Academy of Sciences and the National Science Library of Chinese Academy of Sciences. It is the first nationwide-published journal that comprehensively studies scientific periodicals.

This professional journal specially studies and publishes the theories, practices, methods and technologies related to scientific periodicals. Since 1990 when this journal started its publication, it has always been focused on important development issues about reform and innovation in the field of periodicals, the fusion of scientific periodicals and discipline fields, and the social function of scientific periodicals. It endeavors to play an exemplary role in leading the academic frontier, promoting academic exchange, guiding business practice and training talents such as editors.

Chinese Journal of Scientific and Technical Periodicals sets up the columns such as forum, quality construction, digital publishing, evaluation and analysis, capability construction, etc. Submissions related to innovative, prospective and applied academic discussions, comprehensive comments and introduction as well as case studies are welcome.


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