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Data Intelligence


 Data Intelligence (CN10-1626/G2E-ISSN: 2641-435X), cosponsored by the National Science Library, the Chinese Academy of Sciences is an open-access, metadata-centric journal intended for data creators, curators, stewards, policymakers, and domain scientists as well as communities interested in sharing data. DI informs industry leaders, researchers, and scientists engaged in sharing and reusing data, metadata, knowledge bases, and data visualization tools. In addition to traditional articles addressing methodologies and/or resources, the journal also publishes “data articles” in the form of knowledge graphs, ontologies, and linked datasets.


Discussing critical issues that range from service models to standards and technical requirements, this journal aims to build an interdisciplinary community of interest around open data. It is a key resource for intelligent data services, offering essential information on practical ways to open, share, and reuse data in the future.




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