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Chengdu Branch, National Science Library of Chinese Academy of Science(Chengdu Library of Chinese Academy of Sciences)



Director: Prof. FANG Shu

Address: No.16, Nan’erduan, Yihuan Road, Chengdu 610041, P. R. China

Phone: 86-28-85224282

Fax: 86-28-85220439




Situated in southwest China, Chengdu Branch of the National Science Library of Chinese Academy of Science(also known as Chengdu Library of Chinese Academy of Sciences, abbreviated as “Chengdu Branch” below) was founded in 1958 as a regional center of documentation and information system of Chinese Academy of Sciences (abbreviated as “CAS” below). After more than 40 years of development, Chengdu Branch is now the biggest science library in southwest China and a leading information service and information study center. Also Chengdu Branch administrates Chengdu node of CSTNet and Chengdu Mirror of the National Science & Technology Library.


The strategic objective of Chengdu Branch is to establish a digital, networked information platform, to provide multi-level and comprehensive information services, and to establish five bases of CAS in southwest China: S&T literature information service base, information study base, computer network service base, education base of library science and information study, and Intellectual Property (IP) information service base.


By the end of 2007, Chengdu Branch houses 2.17 million volumes of printed documentation, and 343 foreign language printed periodicals; around 100 databases of full text paper, abstract, books and other digital resources have been acquired, including 8813 full text Chinese e-journals, 7741 full text foreign language e-journals, 350,000 volumes of Chinese e-books, as well as a large number of online tool books and patent documentation. Chengdu Branch also shares the documentation resources from NSTL. In spite of these resources, Chengdu Branch has developed some featured resources, such as Nature Medicine Information Portal, Strategic High Technology Innovation Portal, Patent Innovation Portal and Sichuan S&T Information Sharing Platform.


With focus on the innovation direction and significant programs of CAS, Chengdu Branch provides strategic intelligence research, subject information study and service, and competition intelligence service for the leadership, bureaus, S&T innovation bases and graduate education bases of CAS. At the same time, with the support of documentation and information study, Chengdu Branch provides strategic intelligence for local institutes and enterprises, facilitating decision making, science research, scientific advancement and sustainable development of the society.  These efforts have gained the recognition and praises from the leadership and society.


Chengdu Branch hosts the Chengdu administration center of CSTNet, which is a chief node of CSTNet. With an excellent and experienced team, advanced information technology and well developed infrastructure, Chengdu Branch provides first-class services of S&T network access, information technology development, website and portal development for institutes of CAS, colleges and enterprises.


Chengdu Branch cooperates with Sichuan University in master education of library science and informatics. The enrollment of informatics Ph.D students has also begun.


With the advantages of talents, technology, information, Chengdu Branch provides IP information analysis for CAS, contributes to the establishment of the non-corporative body for IP information Platform of CAS, and facilitates technology transfer.


There are currently 73 working staff, including 20 senior researchers, four experts who enjoys government special allowance, two academic leaders in Sichuan Province, three members on Vetting Committee of Sichuan Province, one “Sichuan Outstanding contribution expert”, one “Sichuan Young Scientists Award” winner, and one “Sichuan Youth Leaders Of Innovation Management” winner. The staff also includes 8 master supervisors and one Ph.D supervisor. Ph.D, master and bachelor degree holders comprise over 70% of the staff.


The building area of Chengdu Branch takes up 6,834 square meters and a reserve stack in suburban area takes up 6,613 square meters (26 hectares).


Chengdu Branch have won two third prizes of National S&T Advancement Award, six second prizes and seven third prizes of Chinese Academy of Science’s S&T Advancement Award, and five third prizes of Sichuan S&T Advancement Award.


Chengdu Branch is the member of OCLC and cooperates with colleges and agencies from United States, Britain, Germany, Thailand, Russia and other countries for international academic exchanges.

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