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An Overview of International Cooperation


The administrative level of National Science Library , Chinese Academy of Sciences (Library of Chinese Academy of Sciences ) attach great importance to international communication and cooperation, Since 1980sour library has signed an agreement with the  College Library of the United States librarians on librarian exchange, which has laid the foundation for the international talent training. After entering the Knowledge Innovation Project, on the basis of the library’s core businesses, our library has broaden the international channels of communication, strengthen cooperation of high level visits and staff exchanges with international first-class libraries and institutions , and  jointly organized series of bilateral or international conferences with foreign libraries. Meanwhile, NSLC actively participates in the international organization with taking the positions in some international organizations, and strives for the international authority to enhance our international status.

The main activities include:

·         8 people have taken the positions of IFLA Committees.

·          Jointly organized advanced workshop with American University.

·         Support the exchange program of librarian talented training with a number of well-known university libraries of the United States.

·         Organized a series of international conferences.

·         Invited of the foreign experts and scholars to give speeches and lectures.

People who have been trained as exchanged librarians and supported by the Scholarship  has  become heads in their respective areas . Through the host of and participation in international conferences, the international perspectives of young staff have been developed. Furthermore, the international communication skills have been enhanced. Our library has established good channels of communication and cooperation with foreign research teams, which has provided a broader and deeper development space and wonderful opportunities for National Science Library.



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