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Harvard Library FY15 goals


For Collection Development

Collection Development goals for FY15 will focus on two related areas. First, the infrastructure of people, policies and practices will be consolidated to enable more coherent programs and activities. Concrete measures will range from the very straightforward (an up-to-date list of bibliographers and selectors), to also include regular meetings of the FAS collection development community, or the creation of an advisory group for matters related to budgets and finance. The second broad goal is to nurture a robust community of practice, in close coordination with the Library Leadership Team’s new Collections and Content Development Standing Committee. Specific matters to be pursued include consolidated approval plans and new cooperative initiatives, as well as strategic discussions and practical measures concerning large-scale issues like aspirations and capacities for digital collections.   

For Research, Teaching and Learning

The main priorities for FAS Libraries Research, Teaching and Learning (RTL) are to expand staff involvement across RTL efforts and to design library spaces for 21st-century library programs and user needs, accompanied by a robust learning technologies development and support program. The FAS RTL community will conclude its organizational efforts to establish an FAS RTL Committee that concentrates on Harvard College and GSAS curricular and student experience needs and offers professional development opportunities for library staff members. This committee will strive to align its work with that of the Harvard Library RTL Standing Committee on Harvard Library-wide initiatives including supporting HILT, HarvardX and creating professional development and information sharing opportunities and events. FAS Libraries will work with partners in HUIT and others to develop an educational technologies roadmap that enables learning and teaching to continue outside of the physical and virtual classrooms and in libraries with the current and future technologies. In partnership with FAS Physical Resources & Planning, FAS libraries will continue planning for renovated Cabot areas in the Science Center as well as review use of spaces and programmatic needs in the FAS libraries.

For Administrative Services

The focus of the administrative team in FY15 will be on creating clear practices and policies that support the organization's goals this year and in the future. At the same time, as the administrative structure of the FAS Libraries continues to blend with that of the Harvard Library, the goal is to create a seamless administrative structure that enables consistency and best practices across both organizations. The team will strive for financial predictability and improved decision support, a renewed focus on staff development and engagement and practices that allow technology to enable our priorities. Finally, the team will develop internal and external communications plans that ensure that partners, including faculty, students, staff and scholars, are connected to our organization. 


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