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Journal of Data and Information Science (JDIS) will be launched in 2016


We are very pleased to announce the launch of a quarterly peer-reviewed research journal, Journal of Data and Information Science (JDIS). Prof. Xiaolin Zhang, from Chinese Academy of Sciences, China, Prof. Ronald Rousseau, from University of Leuven, Belgium, and Prof. Ying Ding, from Indiana University, USA, will be the Co-Editors-in-Chief of JDIS. Over 40 domestic and international experts will be members of JDIS Editorial Board. The first issue of JDIS will be formally published in the first quarter of 2016 and it is now open for submission.

JDIS devotes itself to the converging area of data science, information science, and computer science, focusing on the study and application of theories, methods, techniques, services, etc., using big data to support knowledge discovery for decision & policy making, where the big data may include metadata or full content, text or non-textural, structured or non-structural, domain specific or cross-domain, dynamic or interactive data.

The main areas of its interests are: 1) New theories, methods, and techniques of big data based data mining, knowledge discovery, and informatics. 2) New methods, architectures, and facilities to develop or improve knowledge infrastructure capable to support knowledge organization and sophisticated analytics. 3) New mechanisms, methods, and tools to embed knowledge analytics and knowledge discovery into actual operation, service, or managerial processes.

JDIS will publish mainly theoretical and empirical research papers, but would also welcome systematic reviews, insightful perspectives, and applied research based on integration, customization, and improvement of new methods and techniques.

JIDS is sponsored by the National Science Library, Chinese Academy of Sciences. It is transformed from Chinese Journal of Library and Information Science ( that was published during 2008-2015. JDIS will be open access, but authors DO NOT need to pay for Article Processing Charge due to the support from NSL/CAS.

We believe this emerging focus is to be an active, influential, impactful field of research, enabling transformative development for many fields of research and practice. We sincerely welcome any suggestions to JDIS and look forward to great support from the like-minded to JDIS.


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