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The Latest Issue of Chinese Journal of Library and Information Science Comes Out


The Chinese Journal of Library and Information Science is proud to announce that the latest issue (Vol. 8, Issue 2) has been published recently.

Below is the TOC of the current issue:

1.       Do Chinese and American contributions in top journals have an equal citation potential?

     Jielan DING & Ronald ROUSSEAU





2.       The reflection of hierarchical cluster analysis of co-occurrence matrices in SPSS

     Qiuju ZHOU, Fuhai LENG &Loet LEYDESDORFF




3.       Evaluating journals' yearly impact with altmetric indicators

     Simon S. LI & Fred Y. YE





4.       Building potential patent portfolios: An integrated approach based on topic identification and correlation analysis

     Xian ZHANG, Haiyun XU, Shu FANG, Zhengyin HU &Shuying LI




5.       Continuance intention to use the mobile interest-based community: An integrated theoretical model and empirical study

     Jiming HU & Jing YU




     6An empirical study on continuance intention of mobile reading

    Chunmei GAN &Diyu XIAO




7Celebrity and ordinary users: A comparative study of microblog user behaviors on SinaWeibo

      Xingjun LIU, Weijun WANG &Jinke WU


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