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National Science Library to Preserve Springer's Digital Information


  National Science Library, Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS) signed an agreement with the Springer Science +Business Media to preserve Springer's digital resource in Beijing on September 3, 2009.

  The vice-president of CAS, director of National Science Library, Li Jinghai and Derk Haank, CEO of Springer Science +Business Media signed the agreement at the National Science Library.

  According to the agreement, Springer will provide National Science Library with its current journals and upload its preservation data to the long-term digital preservation systems of the Library. The Library in turn will take proper measures to ensure the security of the data, and will allow Springer users to search and acquire the information when they cannot access Springer in case of emergencies and force majeure.

  It is the first agreement that National Science Library reached with overseas publishing agencies, and it is the first time that Springer entrusted its digital resources to a library that is based other than Germany and Netherlands where Springer Science+ Business Media is positioned

  For years, Chinese researchers could access the digital information and yet no organizations had the right to preserve such information. This cooperation between National Science Library and Springer turned the situation for the better.

  The cooperation with Springer is a milestone for National Science Library in establishing a standard, reliable long-term digital preservation system, and it is a breakthrough for Chinese libraries in terms of long-term digital preservation.


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