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Continuing Education and Training

Update time: 2009-09-11

Overview National Science Library, Chinese Academy of Sciences is one of the largest modern libraries of China, which provides multiple functions such as services and education. During the past years, it has provided continuing education and training for the domestic libraries and information personnel, with its excellent experts, resources advantages, scientific research strength and a wide range of international influence and cooperation. The Branch of Special Libraries, Library Society of China, attached to NSL, is an important branch of Library Society of China. During the past 30 years of the training in the library and information science, it has built a high quality team of teachers with great academic backgrounds, professional quality, and academic status, where nearly ten thousands of library and information staff have been trained. It has won praise in the area of library and information for its” forward-looking content, targeted, practical”. Since June 2006, National Science Library and The Branch of Special Libraries have optimized the training, integrated the plan, both of which were incorporated into the training system. Two course systems—Common Service Training and Advanced Professional Education—have been formed, which are propitious to train for the libraries, institutions and consulting companies.

Teaching Resources Based on the academy resource, we have a team of teachers who have been working in the area of library and information , either in theory or practice. Our teachers are the researchers, professors and doctoral tutors from the National Library, Peking University, Tsinghua University, National Science Library , Chinese Academy of Sciences and other famous institutions.

Examination and Issuance of Certificate “Continuing Education Certificate” will be issued by Ministry of Personnel if pass the examination. The contents of the certificate will be list into the Registration System for Continuing Education Certificate and it will be the important basis for examination of the professional and technical personnel as well as for the taking position, occupational qualification and talent flow.

Training Environment All the courses in Beijing will be finished in National Science Library , Chinese Academy of Sciences, with excellent environment and facilities. The Open Service will provider the trainers good environment to study and carry out experiment. In order to experience the science and technology and cultural tastes of modern library, trainers will visit National Science Library.

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