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National Science Library of Chinese Academy of Sciences——About Graduate Education

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National Science Library of Chinese Academy of Sciences is a state-level agency of technological documentation and information which supports technological self-innovation, services of national innovation system, promotion of the spread of science and culture. It provides technological information service, research of library and information, library and information science degree education, etc. In March 2006 the original four academy-level documentation and information agencies (Documentation and Information Center of Chinese Academy of Sciences, Resources and Environmental Science Information Center, Chengdu Documentation and Information Center, Wuhan Documentation and Information Center) integrated into National Science Library. It constructs "National Science Digital Library" (CSDL) which embeds into Chinese Academy of Sciences research environment.


National Science Library has the degree-granting of "Library Science" and "information science" doctorate and master's degree, and has 9 doctoral tutors and more than 40 master tutors. All of the doctoral tutors and master tutors have good business practices, scientific research and teaching experience. The characteristic of graduate education is the closely integration of theory and practice. The academic year of master degree is 2.5 years, and usually three years for doctoral education. National Science Library provides graduate assistant system for graduate students to participate in research, and sets up a special post-graduate teaching area, classrooms and a computer learning rooms. A variety of facilities and resources in the library are open to graduate students free of charge. It provides rich collections of library and information science, and has the most of foreign language prints and online professional literature in China. For encouraging the study and research of postgraduate, National Science Library sets up a variety of scholarships.


Welcome to apply for the people who are interested in the field of Library and Information Science!


Application and contact:

Application time is set up by the Graduate University of Chinese Academy of Sciences. National Science Library once a year (fall) admission.


Application sector: National Science Library of Chinese Academy of Sciences Yanzhao Ban

Contact: Zhang Yanqiu, Zhang Zhang

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