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Library and Information Science Summer Camp


The summer camp held by the National Science Library of Chinese Academy of Sciences is a one-week academic and residential experience for undergraduate students who major in information science, library science, archival science or other related fields, especially the student from 985 and 211 universities. The summer camp is cost-free to students, which aims to provide students with a meaningful science research experience and select capable students who are eligible to fulfil the master’s degree in our library. Students can take part in the summer camp by sending applications or teachers’ recommendation.

56 accomplished undergraduate students gathered at the National Science Library of Chinese Academy of Sciences for the summer camp from July 12 to July 15, 2016. They participated in kinds of academic activities such as listening the reports which was focused on the most important research fields in library and information science, visiting the Hall for Meta Synthesis, Learning Commons and the Cnter of Information Resource Long-term Preservation and having academic communication with supervisors. There were also some recreational activities during this summer camp. Through the welcome meeting and the music party, students had fun and got along well with each other.

At this summer camp, we encourage students to explore the research field they are interested in, and they discover what truly lights their life.

Photo 1 Welcome meeting

Photo 2 Visiting the Hall for Meta Synthesis

Photo 3 Speech by Huang Xiangyang, Director of the National Science Library of Chinese Academic of Sciences

Photo 4 Participants of this summer camp with supervisors


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