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Founded in October 1955, the Scientific Information Center for Resources and Environment of the Chinese Academy of Sciences (SICRECAS), also named Lanzhou Library of Academia Sinica (LLAS), is under the direct jurisdiction of the Chinese Academy of Sciences of PRC. The present name started to be called while keeping the name of Lanzhou Library of Academia Sinica in October 1997. The center commenced the opening to the public in 2002 and shares the duty of Gansu Provincial Library of Science and Technology. In 2003, the center became Lanzhou Mirror Site of the National Science and Technology Library (NSTL).In 2006, the center became one of the branch libraries of NSL, an indispensable part of the Library.


SICRECAS (LLAS) has developed to be a northwest China-based open center serving the Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS) and the country and its role is collecting, exploiting, researching, disseminating and communicating scientific information of resources and environmental science.

SICRECAS is a significant part of the documentation and information system of the Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS), an important part of national scientific digital library system, an institution for national specialized information consultation and service and strategic information research, providing information services in the fields of resources and environmental science and focusing on strategic information research. It is the documentation and information support system serving the scientists of Lanzhou Branch of CAS as well as the scientists in the northwest innovation base of the Academy. It is also the Gansu Provincial Library of Science and Technology serving Gansu province for regional economic growth and societal development.


SICRECAS comprises Resources Department, Information Service Department, Information Technology Department and Information Research Department, and 10 open cross-research centers such as: Lanzhou Center for SCI & TECH Innovation Investigation and Consultation of CAS, the Research Center for Earth Sciences, Resources & Environment Strategy, Center for Scientific & Technical Information Analysis and Evaluation, the Research Center for Regional Development, Information Consultation Center of the Development of West China, Information Center for Global Change Studies of Chinese National Committees of IGBP and IHDP, Data Service of Earth Sciences, the Research and Development Center for Digital Library Technology and Application, the Center for Information Theory and Practice, etc.


Its major tasks are: providing appropriate information research and consulting for innovative research of CAS and for the concerned ministries of the nation in multiple disciplines, especially earth sciences, resources and environmental science; in view of the strategic demands for the sustainable development of West China, continuously providing fundamental, strategic and foresighted consultative reports and related information analysis data for the national and regional authorities and institutions to contribute to the significant projects and scientific decision-making; creating, maintaining and running Lanzhou Information Network of CAS. While offering services for the Knowledge Innovation Program of the CAS, SICRECAS also acts as an institution of information dissemination, social education, information bridge and reference station to make contributions to the achievement of the national strategy of invigorating China through scientific and educational advances.


SICRECAS focuses on information resources collection and information reference, information analysis and scientific evaluation, information research and decision-making consultation, development and research of the theory and practice of scientific and technical information and knowledge management.


SICRECAS focuses its collection on the subjects of earth sciences, resources and environmental science, chemistry and chemical industry, nuclear physics, electronics, applied mathematics, biology, computer science. It owns an abundant library collection of resources, environment, disasters in cold, arid and polar regions, Qinghai-Tibet Plateau and the Loess Plateau. By now, the Center has had a collection of about 1.7 million volumes. SICRECAScan provide 3000 titles of e-journals on network and provide more than 12000 titles offoreign journals in 24-48 hours. The center has about 50 kinds of CD-ROMs or network databases on economics, business, scientific achievements, scientific and technical information, such as CA, BUNSOKU, SDOS, SpringerLink, Blackwell, IEL, ACS, Elsevier, etc. It has created about 21 databases, such as Database for Chinese Scientists in Earth Sciences, Database for Chinese Institutes in Earth Sciences, and Navigation System for Network Information on Resources and Environment Information, and Navigation System for Network Information on Global Change Studies. In addition, it also has built special service systems that aim at serving those people who are interested in special subject research, such as Portal of Resources and Environmental Sciences, Portal of Qinghai-Tibet Plateau Research, and Networked Information of Global Change Studies etc.


Since the 7th Five-Year Plan, SICRECAS participated in and chaired near 40 research projects from the National Key Science and Technology R & D Program of China, Key Program and Major Program of CAS, "Light in West China" Program of CAS and programs supported by the National Natural Science Foundation of China. Some 20 national, provincial and ministerial prizes have been awarded. SICRECAS has published more than 30 books and annually submits about 20 research reports. It has important influence on the research in the areas of resources and environmental science, such as earth sciences, global change study, regional sustainable development.

SICRECAS has a professional staff of 63 persons in which there are 8 research professor and 16 associate research professors. It also takes on master’s degree programs on information sciences of the Chinese Academy of Sciences (in Beijing). At the same time, it cooperates with local universities to supervise doctoral candidates. There are 2 doctoral supervisors and 6 master’s supervisors. Ten experts on related fields are invited as research professors.


The center has journal publications including Advances in Earth Sciences (monthly), Remote Sensing Technology and Application (bi-monthly), Gold Science and Technology (bi-monthly) and Natural Gas Geoscience (bi-monthly).

SICRECAS, a member of OCLC, attaches great importance to the academic exchange and cooperation with foreign research institutes, international associations, learned societies and associations, information institutions, data centers and special libraries and plays a crucial role in exploiting and utilizing foreign scientific information resources as well as publicizing domestic scientific research achievements.


Director:  Prof. Zhang Zhiqiang, Doctoral Supervisor
Address:  The Scientific Information Center for Resources and Environment of
      the Chinese Academy of Sciences

          No. 8 Tianshui Zhong Lu (Road)

Lanzhou 730000, Gansu, P. R. China
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